150cm (w) x 60cm (h) acrylics and charcoal, original painting on canvas

The title "Hitchhikers" is with reference to the fish riding along in the swimmer's slipstream and was inspired by many an early morning swim along the beach at Noosa where you are met and accompanied by flashes of silver bream and whiting. Love these fresh, cool colours which suit many a living space. Imagine this artwork at the front entrance of your home or leading people along a wall to your garden or swimming pool!

Signed discreetly on the swimming costume, the painting is stretched around a timber frame and the outer edges are painted black. This piece could be hung vertically or horizontally.

Title, number and signature is hand written on the rear of the canvas by the artist. Ready to hang.

Sold by beautiful Raw Art Gallery, The Sofitel Resort, Hastings St Noosa QLD to a client in Sydney.

Code: 276

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