She just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich


100cm (w) x 120cm (h) acrylics, original painting on canvas

Inspired by nature which is all around us in Noosa. I had to duck and weave walking to the shops last Spring as there was a pair of magpies protecting their nest. As any Australian knows this can be quite alarming as they become quite aggressive flying and flapping towards your head! I was told that you have to make friends with magpies so they recognise you and won't trouble you when you're walking by. How do you do that? It's fun having a play with bushy floral shapes and colours and I wished to make the quintessentially Australian lifeguard figure comfortable in her environment, cuddling her "maggie" mate. Up on a wall it seems to pick up all the garden colours outside and bring them inside. Love that. I wished also to give it an indigenous Australian feel, respecting the spiritual teachings of "dadirri" or deep listening. Being quiet, still and respectful immersed in nature is good for the soul. Green and gold, the bush, the desert, white zinc, magpies and lifesavers' efforts. Proud to be Australian.

Signed in the lower right corner, the painting is stretched around a timber frame and the outer edges are painted black.

Title, number and signature is hand written on the rear of the canvas by the artist. Ready to hang.

As this is a large original artwork please email Sarah for information, confirmation, domestic/international shipping quote and payment options and she will personally look after you.

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